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A Gem from the past:💎 19 Annual Sankey Singalong and Gospel message recorded at Victoria Gospel Hall 2003

Recorded on 16 May 2003 features Mr Peter Glasgow as soloist and speaker and the congregation at Victoria Gospel Hall. … Read More

A Hark from the Past – Part 1 20th Annual Sankey Sing Along at Victoria Gospel Hall

Recorded from a tape, this recording captures the warmth and enthusiastic singing of hymns rarely heard today with such hymns… Read More

A Hark from the past – Part 2 20th Annual Sankey Singalong and a Gospel Message recorded at Victoria Gospel Hall 2004

A discovery of a hidden gem during a prayer session at the Hall.  Listening to this, prayer and praise is… Read More

Kingdom Come – Missions

Join Pastor Fergus for this edition as he speaks about the importance of mission and keeping right with God through… Read More

Power Hour – The Keys Of Revival

Power Hour is about applying God's Word contained in the Bible into prayer.   In these times with new Covid tiered… Read More

Kingdom Come

Pastor Fergus begins the second three part series of Kingdom Come on mission.  Read More

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