"Here to enrich lives" John Ch10: Vs10

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Prayer Works

May we say a very big thanks to those who have prayed for and supported us over the years and… Read More

Broadcast outage

We are currently experiencing a broadcast outage due to computer issues. This means we can not bring our usual range… Read More

Power Hour – Now is the Time

Power Hour is about applying God's Word - Scripture Contained in the Bible in prayer.   The theme for today has… Read More

Brian’s Good News 8 November 2019

VisitAberdeenshire Tourism Agency is on the look out for keen ambassadors to assist and give a good first impression to… Read More

Community Elements

Brian's Good News North East Disabled Veterans Association- Brian picked up on the under recognised work of this organisation which… Read More

Sandy Garvock Testimony

Sandy Garvock who heads up The Fishermen's Mission in Peterhead came in to  give his amazing testimony.  A shorter video… Read More

Meet the Team
Brian Boyd

Member of the Board of Trustees

Rob Rowe

Director, Broadcaster and Station Manager.

Rachel Summers

Volunteer – Broadcasting, Research and PR

Brian Cran

Volunteer – Good News Broadcaster

Tom Morrrow

Tom is the project Treasurer

Alan Gorvet

Alan is a member of the Board of Trustees

Jim Buchan

Jim is the Secretary and acting Chairman of the Board of Trustees