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Power Hour – The environment, Our Responsibility

Power Hour is the belief that applying God's Word - scripture from the bible in prayer that can can does… Read More

Community Elements 24 May 2019

Brian's Good News A few Tips for the Environment Bees and Pollinators Read More

Community Element – Bees and pollinators

Many people are turning to allotments - growing produce for themselves greatly shortening mileage. Rob visited the Slopefield Allotment in… Read More

Community Element – A few tips for the Environment

In this second Community Element, while reflecting in TV shows such as BLUE PLANET LIVE and Steve Backshaw's programmes Undiscovered… Read More

Brian’s Good News 24 May 2019

Shetland ponies from Therapy Ponies Scotland have been making a positive impression with elderly residents at the Grove Care Home… Read More

Stand Out – Wednesday 29 May at 9pm

The running Order Anthem of the Week:Skyhook - Can't save yourself The Urban Drop:Tay Collier - FridayTodd McCray – BananasRAW-B… Read More

Meet the Team
Brian Boyd

Member of the Board of Trustees

Rob Rowe

Director, Broadcaster and Station Manager.

Rachel Summers

Volunteer – Broadcasting, Research and PR

Brian Cran

Volunteer – Good News Broadcaster

Tom Morrrow

Tom is the project Treasurer

Alan Gorvet

Alan is a member of the Board of Trustees

Jim Buchan

Jim is the Secretary and acting Chairman of the Board of Trustees