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"Here to enrich lives" John Ch10: Vs10

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Community Elements 9 April 2021

Life Skills - First AidBrian's Good News We welcomed Brian for a full Brian's Good News -  A former journalist… Read More

Kingdom Come – Guardian Angels

This week Fergus Buchan relates a visit to a maximum security prison to give the Gospel message.  Psalm 91 verse… Read More

Happy Easter – Jesus Christ Son of God has risen

We wish you a very Happy Easter.  Whatever The Day brings,  remember that Jesus not only died on the cross,… Read More

Power Hour – He Was Despised and Rejected

For Power Hour today - We take Isaiah 53:3-12 as the Scripture.  Words from the Scripture can be heard in… Read More

Community Elements – 2 April 2021

Brian's Good News For this program, Brian rejoins us in the studio with a good news story. ICU staff at… Read More

The Easter Story – Through The Gospels – Hearing is Believing 5 am, 11 am, 5 pm, 11 pm

Each of the writers of the Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John write from a different perspective. John, in particular… Read More

Meet the Team
Brian Boyd

Member of the Board of Trustees

Rob Rowe

Director, Broadcaster and Station Manager.

Rachel Summers

Volunteer – Broadcasting, Research and PR

Brian Cran

Volunteer – Good News Broadcaster

Tom Morrrow

Tom is the project Treasurer

Alan Gorvet

Alan is a member of the Board of Trustees

Jim Buchan

Jim is the Secretary and acting Chairman of the Board of Trustees