"Here to enrich lives" John Ch10: Vs10

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Gospel Cafe 30 March 2020

Due to working from home, technical and human error the Gospel Cafe show will be be now starting at 7:25… Read More

A Gospel Of Hope….Every day from Tuesday 31 March at 6 pm

What is the Gospel all about? In this program, discover what the living Gospel is all about through scripture, people's… Read More

Community Elements Show

In this edition - sadly missing Brian this week. We hope to have him back in future weeks. Rachel McKay… Read More

Billy Graham – The Gospel

While looking through recordings given by a friend,  I came across this recording.  We are including this on these podcasts… Read More

Stay At Home….Tune into Gospel4Grampian

The UK Government has released a clear instruction to each of us to remain at home.   Although inside, keep aware… Read More

Power Hour – ‘In These Times’

A serious pandemic...panic....uncertainty....lockdown.....restrictions...unprecedented government action....workers salaries to be protected. We may ask,  Does God know or care?  Why here?  Why… Read More

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Brian Boyd

Member of the Board of Trustees

Rob Rowe

Director, Broadcaster and Station Manager.

Rachel Summers

Volunteer – Broadcasting, Research and PR

Brian Cran

Volunteer – Good News Broadcaster

Tom Morrrow

Tom is the project Treasurer

Alan Gorvet

Alan is a member of the Board of Trustees

Jim Buchan

Jim is the Secretary and acting Chairman of the Board of Trustees