Updated:  11 April 2019

G4G RADIO CELEBRATES  12  1/2 Years on Air

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Service News: Today – The station is on air and broadcasting. Gospel4Grampian, Engaging, Equipping, Enabling Communities to Live Life To The full with Christ Jesus at the Centre.

This Saturday 6 April, we broadcast A Gospel Evening from Blacketyside Farm with speaker Douglas Young from Open Air Mission.

Maintenance THURSDAYS between 9 am and 10 am,  Gospel4Grampian needs to undergo maintenance.  The station may well come off air for a short period of up to 20 minutes  during this hour.

We’ve been very busy in the background – updating news on different programmes.  You can now select from the top menu of this website to listen to shows again, catch up with the more popular ones, listen in direct. We’ve also been categorising our programmes to enable you to browse more easily.  This is an on going project.  Changes are happening often.  Keep returning to find out what is going on.

We are a Gospel Community Radio Station.

Look out for new shows and time changes here on this site.

In the meanwhile, please visit this website, our Facebook Page and Podcasts  for features and more information.


Do visit our Twitter site: @Gospel4Grampian

If you have some news that you think might be suitable for broadcast, please send an email with details to info@g4g.org.uk.