Debt and homelessness are growing both in cities and in the Countryside by there is help.

Debt and Money Worries

Cash In Your Pocket – 

Welcome to CIYP

Our free referral service can be used by anyone requiring Information, Advice, or Practical Help around money and financial wellbeing, in relation to any health, care, or support needs.


This includes help with Universal Credit       Form filling       Personal Independence Payments       BENEFITS      Pension       Self – Directed Support       Redundancy       Legal Advice       Eviction       Debt       Sanctions, Reconsiderations & Appeals       HEATING YOUR HOME       Getting Back to Work       Healthy Eating       SAVING OPTIONS       Budgeting       Low Cost Loans       Home Repairs & Adaptations       Food Parcels       STOP SMOKING       low cost foods      Volunteering       HOME/FIRE SAFETY CHECKS …… or any other money related issue


Founded in Aberdeen in 2014, Ditch Debt with Dignity is a registered charity offering free and discreet confidential guidance and support to people privately struggling with their finances, but who are perceived to be financially stable. We assist to get them back on their feet so that they can continue supporting themselves and their families.
We understand the subtleties and sensitivities of their position, and operate a unique and personal approach.

Christians Against Poverty began in Bradford in 1996 by John Kirkby but through working with churches in Aberdeen and throughout the UK has sought to express unconditional  non judgemental love to those in financial difficulties.



Homelessness and Other Services     

Aberdeen Cyrenians was established in 1968. Over the last 45 years the range of services offered by Aberdeen Cyrenians has grown considerably. Originally just providing food and shelter, the services now aim to meet all the varying needs of people affected by homelessness in Aberdeen and the surrounding area.

These services focus on:

  • Prevention of homelessness – through information, advice, support and education programmes
  • Alleviation of homelessness – in 29 places short-term accommodation
  • Rehabilitation – tackling underlying issues such as alcohol, drugs, mental health and abuse
  • Resettlement – practical help to gain employment, to learn the skills needed to live in the community and to sustain a tenancy


Social Bite – Help homeless people in many different ways.


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