In today’s edition a team of surgical nurses- ‘The Surgical Sistas‘  The Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital have recorded a song to raise cash to make their ward a more friendly and reassuring place for children. To help them visit the link above.

A window cleaner Peter McKay is sporting The McKay Clan Tartan kilt during his window cleaning job and even just shopping.  He is doing this to raise £4500 towards new specialised wheels for a wheel chair.  His friend Nettie Lolly suffered spinal injuries.  To assist visit Peter’s Crowd Funding Page

If you are looking for a career change over the next month, you will be directed to Childcare – ‘A Job and A Joy’.  This campaign supports Holyrood’s pledge to increase the hours of funded Early Learning and Childcare to families in Scotland to 1,140 by 2020. 

Brian’s final story is a tribute to positive mum and fitness instructor Bev Gove whose life impacted and inspired many before loosing her life to brain cancer earlier in January. 


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