Tune In, Request, Chill

Requests and dedications to: info@g4g.org.uk , 07733 421385, or call 01224 898008.

In this show, we take the show out to the cliffs to hear the amazing sound from Troup Head RSPB Bird Reserve and a trip into the Ace Apiary to find out what the bees from Abigail Hive have been up to. Have a look below to see and download the Apiary News Podcast.

Also coming up two new EP Singles from KCC which have been released in the last two weeks.  The newest ‘ Bought With A Price’ was performed in the Beach Ball Room.  The team who brought you these two singles have been too busy to come on to speak.

Breaking News – We were asked to pray urgently for the injured in the recent blasts at hotels and churches in Sri Lanka.  At one of these churches, moments before the blast, Sunday School children had been asked if they would be willing to die for Christ.  All of them put up their hands.  We prayed on the program for the injured, bereaved, the medical staff and the country of Sri Lanka.




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