Aberdeen’s Beach Ballroom which has played host to Royalty is celebrating 90 years.  The iconic building will be opened to the public on Monday 6 May to see the ballroom and have a look at the archives.

A former Policeman from the NE who was with PC Yvonne Fletcher when she was shot from the Libyan Embassy has been remembering the day when the shooting happened. He is organising a Memorial Service to mark the occasion and has vowed to continue working for Justice.  This is a promise he made to PC Fletcher before she died.

A football loving 6 year old, Alfie Douglas has donated his £30 Christmas Money to The Archie Foundation because he recognised that many children were less well off than him.  His parents were originally stunned by his gesture.

A lunch group has been launched to help Veterans with Sight Loss has been launched and will take place at Caf4e@Credo in John Street Tuesday 7 May from 12:30 pm to 2 pm.  The lunches are provided free of charge by Scottish War Blinded

We’ll be continuing with more information on Scottish War Blinded in the Community Elements show.


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