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am pleased t report that School Crossing Patrol Man – Bill Esselmount who Brian Highlighted was voted as People’s Champion at a special Annual celebration The Star Awards which Aberdeen City Council with sponsors uses to recognise the work of employees who go above and beyond to serve the public.  Councils often get a bad name when things don’t go according to people’s expectations and people feel let down. Last night’s celebration was filled with good news stories at a Hollywood style celebration complete with meal, entertainment and Awards.  They even lined up paparazzi to snap finalists as they came in. 

I was there with the Aberdeen City Council Countryside Ranger Service and in black bowtie with evening dress suit.  The Ranger Service was there as one of the finalists in the Use of Resources category.  There was strong competition  with both of the other contending teams being worthy winners.  It was the Ranger Service which won and that on the basis of our work with volunteers to undertake Countryside Projects.  For last year, I think the number of volunteer hours was in excess of 2100 hours.

One of the entertainments was provided by Music4U Stage School.  Table raffles on the night ensured that proceeds were given to Music4U.


4 U provides a wide range of artistic opportunities to participants from varying backgrounds, including those affected by physical and learning disability, from areas of social and financial deprivation and who are on the Autistic spectrum as well as those not affected by these challenges. Music 4 U’s ethos is around inclusivity and equality. Our projects are very much person centred and focus on the individual’s aspirations within the Performing Arts.

What can we offer you?

Founded by Debbie Kirkness in 2003, and becoming a charity in 2005 our popular programme includes regular activity such as a Youth Choir, Integrated Stage School and School Holiday and Outreach Workshops, Performances and Professional shows and events. There is also a Day Service Provision for young people aged 16 to 25 who have left special education and wish to advance in Performing Arts training.

Tomorrow Saturday – The Countryside Ranger Service will be celebrating senses and everything close up with Macro Magic.  The event starts at 2 pm and is at Den Of Maidencraig Local Nature Reserve. Booking via Eventbrite is essential All you need are your senses, a camera/ mobile and mobile.  Wear sensible footwear. Temperatures should be 15 C.  Rain is unlikely but pack a light waterproof in case of the odd shower.

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