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For our second Community Element we start wading through the plethora of Broadband deals.  At the end of the day, don’t end up paying for more than you need.  The categories below are a guide only.

Use Public internet facilities – Occasional looking up information

Pay as You Go Device for browsing/ occasional emails if no fixed abode and low income.

ADSL land line to 11 mb – personal emails/ more regular browsing, some TV services, social media- if only 1 – 2 people .

Fibre Broadband – families streaming, emails, social media, some gaming.

With the above, downloads are faster than up loads. The quoted bandwidths are for downloads

Fibre Optic to the Premises more expensive but caters for busy households and businesses with high band width.  Uploads and downloads are the same speed.  These may be 30mb – 1GB or higher.

Mobile Broadband is improving all the time.  The current 4G is proving reliable and quite fast.  It is soon to be joined by 5G with Fibre to premises speeds and higher.  Soon line rental looks to be obsolete. People can already take their router with them when they travel and roam

There are a number of websites which can help.  Have an explore and take time to weigh up the alternatives.

Money Saving Expert

U Switch

Money Supermarket




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