A lady who has terminal cancer is making as many memories as possible. She re affirmed her wedding vows to her husband William in a service attended by family and friends.

Emily Findlay who is battling cancer is helping to spearhead Teen Age Cancer Trust’s #StillMe campaign to raise awareness of the effects that cancer and treatments can have on body image, confidence and self esteem. Emily is a tireless charity supporter and now works as Fund Raising Officer for the Archie Foundation. She has been awarded the British Empire Medal for her fund raising work.

Sandy Cortmann, a Praratrouper who parachuted out over Arnhem in operation Market Garden during WW2 has recently returned from a tandem parachute jump aged 97 to commemorate the event. He was given a well deserved Hero’s Welcome on his return to Fairview House Care Home. The staff and particularly Alana his carer are super proud of him.

An orphaned elephant Loijuk who was cared for by keeper Benjamin Kyalo has returned to see Benjamin. Benjamin has worked and raised many elephants at Ithumba Reintegration Centre, Tsavo East National Park in Kenya over 15 years.

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