In his most recent release,  Bryn faces up the greed of the world with the destruction of the natural systems which keep everyone alive.

We hope to welcome Bryn onto the Community Elements Show this Friday to talk about Enough Is Enough,  @Mytreematters and his deep faith.  Join Rob just after Your Gospel at 4 pm.

Is enough ever enough?

New single ‘Enough is enough’ released by slide guitar legend Bryn Haworth in protest of historic Epsom woodland devastation. Slide guitarist and Gospel Blues artist Bryn Haworth campaigns for the protection of woodlands and forests – locally and globally – for future generations, protection of woodland wildlife and sustainability of our planet. ‘Enough is Enough’ has a critical message: woodlands across the UK – and globally – are being lost forever as demand for land, crops and money win the battle over the world’s forests.

Little more than 1000 square miles of ancient British woodland survives today, thats just 2% of the UK’s total landmass. The song and campaign was inspired by Bryn’s own experience “There’s an area of historic woodland that has flourished for centuries close to where I live at Tattenham Corner with an abundance of wildlife. When I heard developers planned to demolish it and build a housing development, we were drawn into a battle to save it,” says Bryn. “It’s up to us all to do whatever we can individually, so the following generations will have a beautiful Earth to live on. My tree matters, and I hope the song and video inspires others to defend our precious trees” – Bryn Haworth.

Listen and download ‘Enough is Enough’ here: [Download Link] Watch and share the video of ‘Enough is Enough’ here: [Video Link] A Gallery of images to support this press release can be found here: [Gallery Link] To show support, please share the video on social platforms using hashtag #MyTreeMatters. Join the campaign at All carbon emissions produced in the making of our music video have been offset to UK Tree Planting. – more – | | #MyTreeMatters For more information please contact Bryn’s office: Contact: Sally Haworth Tel: (+44) 7867 808594 

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