A Fraserburgh lady, Ashley Mackie took her snow loving dog 9 year old Maggie May to the Cairngorms to enjoy the snow for 1 last time before she died. Maggie May  had severe arthritis and had to be put to sleep on Monday.  Ashley shared this on Social media and was amazed at the emotional and positive response she had. The great memories of Maggie May will run deep in Ashley and her family and all those who met her.

Aberdeen Cyrenians feature in this weeks Brian’s Good News with their Assertive Outreach Street Begging Project. This project has been commissioned by Aberdeen City Council to 31 March 2020.  The project offers advice and advocacy to anyone begging on the streets.  The physical presence on the streets offers a reliable point of contact.  The project will be stepped up during the Christmas Period.  Two other projects – Direct Access and Street Alternatives will run every day for 2 weeks from December 21.

SACRO which is a Community Justice organisation and based in Edinburgh opened its doors at its Aberdeen Office to show case its work to the public.  SACRO offer a wide range of services from helping victims of crimes, re habilitating  prisoners to providing housing to mentoring. 

The Green Dog Walkers of Stonehaven are hoping that a poster campaign will result in positive change in people’s behaviour towards picking up dog mess.  The poster is sponsored by the Dunottar Woodland Park Association and funded by the Local Council as it is part of a National Scheme.



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