Morning devotion 🍽☕🍅 sent by Maite Sethoa

Discovering Gods language of love 💕


💕There is no one, not even your closest friend or family member, who understands you like Jesus does. He knows you— truly knows the very depths and movements of your heart. The things that stir within your being—the hopes and dreams, fears, and torments—are visible to Him. Not only are they visible; they touch His heart. He doesn’t peer into the core of who you are just to gain information; He loves you and enjoys you.

💕When He gazes into your soul, He leaves behind imprints of love. The longer you remain in His presence, the more you begin to look and sound like Him. In turn, when you search your own soul, you will notice Him emerging through your personality and opinions. You are becoming the person He’s always believed you are.

🙏😭Lord, I’m so touched by the way you cherish me. I won’t try to hide who I am, or what I think and feel, because you see it all. With you, I can be as vulnerable as I want to be and know you understand.
🙏Breathe upon my life. Wash me in your forgiving and powerful love. I want all that you see within me to bring you glory. I yield myself to you without reservation.

 📖 “Let me describe him: he is graceful as a gazelle, swift as a wild stag. Now he comes closer, even to the places where I hide. He gazes into my soul, peering through the portal as he blossoms within my heart.”
‭‭Song of Songs‬ ‭2:9‬ ‭TPT‬‬

🙏Enjoy His love divine

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