This weeks Brian’s Good News features.

A group of American Ex Pats has raised £12,500 for the Aberdeen Neo-Natal Unit.  The Association of American Women of Aberdeen began in 1985 and consist of 11 2 members from 5 Countries, 2 Continents.  The Association made the Neo Natal Unit their charity of the year.  The staff at the Neo Natal unit very much welcomed the financial Help. 

A Grandmother Lesley Morrison has produced a book for children to understand the effects of Covid 19.  This has come on the back of many tears from Lesley’s Grand children because of social isolation. The book, “A Hug and A Kiss I Do Miss” has been a firm favourite with the grand children and has greatly helped every one in the family to cope.

Three women led by LauraMcWilliam who is wheel chair bound have been fund raising through crowd funding to fund boxes of essential items to make life easier for patients in hospital. Laura who was a nurse spent some time in hospital and was moved to set this venture up.  The trio want to help as many people as possible. To help donate funds visit

Two ladies who live in Cults are in the 16 piece vocal collective B-Natural. They have been continuing to practice with each other over the garden fence to the delight of neighbours and passers by.  The ladies Carolyn Hodsden and Christine Whitfield have been singing songs such as ‘Consider yourself’ from Oliver and Vera Lynn’s famous ‘We’ll Meet Again’

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