In Brian’s Good News today

An Aberdeen Care Home – The Cowdray Club has been praise by The Care Inspectorate for its Covid 19 Response.  The unannounced visit took place  in September.  The inspectors spoke to residents. The report concluded that “residents were well cared for and treated with dignity and respect.”

Final preparations are being made for the launch of  the worlds first 15 hydrogen powered double decker buses on Aberdeen’s streets in the coming month.  The buses will be run and maintained  by First Bus Aberdeen from their depot on King Street which has been fitted with sensitive gas alarms. All staff have received gas training.  The main advantages are that the buses cut down on pollution and make for a much quieter and smoother ride for the passengers.

A Hoopoe, a distinctive bird found mainly in mainland Europe with migration to South Africa has been found and massively photographed at Pittodrie Stadium car park.  The bird is thought to have been blown off course by Storm Alex. A spokesperson for RSPB indicated that the bird would likely stay around for a few days to feed to build up fat reserves before flying south.

Charlie House has appealed for 40 volunteers to come forward to be Elves at Santas Christmas Groto in the Bon Accord Centre. The elves will be trained, given an outfit and will then help out to bring festive cheer to families as well as selling Charlie House merchandise.  To get involved email or call 01224 313333.

Also in the show, Rachel McKay gives up to date  Covid  19 advice from the Scottish Government.

First aid advice from St John Ambulance.



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