We would not be where we are as a Radio Station without Faith in Jesus Christ Son of God as Lord and Saviour. We would not be where we are without fervent prayer not only of ourselves,  but others as well. 

Founder and Director Rob Rowe speaks about his personal faith and how this has impacted his life and the importance of God’s Spirit as being much more than any people can realise. 

“I believe personally that as God saved me through hIs Son Jesus Christ that, as none should perish;  that God longs after each person and has his hands open to welcome each person who turns to Him for Salvation.  None should perish. The way to Salvation is still open at present.

Why the orange Hi Vis jacket and The Gospel? “I am not ashamed of the Gospel. It is life to me.  Orange is a warning colour. These are I believe the final closing days of life as we know it and I am not sure when Salvation will be no longer possible for anyone.”


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