Gospel4You is produced to make the Gospel available to people around the world in as many ways as possible.  The program features scripture, John 3:16 in different languages, testimony,  Kingdom Come presented by Fergus Buchan which features insightful stories from the mission field and Prayer.

In this program Your Gospel-John 3:16 in European Countries – Swedish, Catalan and Russian.  We feature a testimony of Sherran Daniel. She speaks about her life and work with TV station SAT 7.  What can happen now if we pray.  Listen out for Fergus Buchan as he speaks about Angels

Currently, Gospel4You is broadcast Mondays at 7 pm (8 pm CET) on European Gospel Radio on shortwave 7290 kHz and Medium Wave 918 kHz.  The shortwave broadcast covers Europe N Africa and the Middle East. Its also broadcast on line https://www.nexus.org/irn-player/

Gospel4You is broadcast on Gospel4Grampian Fridays at 7 pm 

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