Recently, Gospel4Grampian celebrated 13 years on broadcasting.   Like last year, we did so with bird song.  Bird song is timeless and a salient reminder that whatever else goes on in life that we need only look around us, take time out and listen and listen to the beauty of creation.  

When Gospel4Grampian first began, internet radio was in its infancy.  The station began on the floor of an upstairs bedroom of a terraced house in Aberdeen.  We had lots of leads, a mixer, a cd player and a computer but no automated play out system on site and a slow internet connection.

Even further back, I remember making recordings which were made on giant by comparison reel to reel tape recorders.  These were heavy and mains powered.  Cassette recorders came next.  We can now use smart phones to record. We can put these into our pockets. These phones can enable video calls, emails, games.  What next?  Holograms?

While I was away recently with family, I checked to make sure that the station was broadcasting and heard the station on the mobile in Cumbria, Wiltshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Borders.  Where will you listen in?  @Gospel#Gospel4Listen#Gospel4Wherenext

This last week, I helped my parents set up a new smart speaker powered by well known software.  This included accessing the Gospel4Grampian broadcast.  I had to do this from the website and software of the smart speaker.  This would not have been possible when we first started out. Where next?

Certainly for the future, whatever platform we use, has to be accessible to and listened to by many.  It may mean very many platforms.  We look to Jehovah Jireh to provide.

Our content and programmes also have to be true to the vision to share the Gospel widely in word and deed and enable people to live life to the full.  Whatever we do here in North Scotland can be applied in other parts of the world.   

What is your vision?  How will you use your life and the resources you have to make a positive impact on your community?

Heard Gospel4Grampian here
Happy Valley near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Heard Gospel4Grampian here
Ham Wall RSPB Reserve, near Glastonbury, Somerset Levels
The Community Elements Show heard on this smart speaker in the Borders

Tune in, Share.  Let your friends know.  Encourage them to tune in.


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