Find out more about the Fishermen’s MissionSalvation ArmyFiona Kennedy , Nils Elders Thea BinnieThe Mearns Singers

Gospel4Grampian will be on hand tomorrow with the Street Sounds Microphone. The evening will be recorded and we hope to get some interviews which will be broadcast after the main event. Come along to find out more. Rob will be present from 6 pm onwards.

What a great evening. This will be broadcast Saturday 22 June at 7pm and be podcast afterwards.

The evening made £1,150 for proceeds to The Fishermen’s Mission. To contribute to the great work this charity does

Why not take a sneak preview and listen into some of what went on.

The Mearns Choir sing ‘ ‘The Lower Lights be burning’
Rob caught up with Fiona Kennedy at the end of the evening for a quick chat

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